No. 13
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EG produces Lidlmania!


On October 11, the Executive Group team achieved something that was not an ordinary success. In 12 cities across the country, we opened 16 Lidl stores for which we prepared for months in terms of PR, event and digital. The words cannot describe how much talent, strength, knowledge, will, work, days, nights and effort we invested in this joint venture which made a huge public reaction. After months of planning, preparing and a lot of work, we now see the fruits of our work and we can say - we produced Lidlmania!

There were no media in Serbia that did not mention Lidl - TVs reported on opening in key news programs, and some TVs broadcasted live from the site several times, the print media fought tirelessly for exclusive information and best photos, and the internet “burned“ (and still burns) because of few thousand announcements on media portals, but also because of the jokes inspired by the opening of the first modern discount chain in Serbia.