No. 13
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Lav pivo

EG & Lav beer supported football fans


Executive Group and LAV beer had a very busy summer – due to the World Cup craze, entire world was all about football!

Under the slogan “#PODRSKAODLAVOVA” (#SUPPORTFROMLIONS) we decided to show our unconditional support and to spread love for sports, by taking different approach and talking to LAV fans not as a brand, but as one of them! Our message was - we are all the same, we are all fans!

With catchy slogan, motivational posts on various online platforms, emotional songs, football flags, digital album of football fans, live shows where influencers from Dnevnjak commented on matches, activations and 24/7 communication with fans, we managed to achieve incredible results. Our audience recognized LAV as a true supporter of football and we created devoted community of people who share passion for good beer and good sports. Our constant interaction with fans spiked fans’ interest, they texted us all the time - asked us for opinion, shared their thoughts on matches, shared their pain after a loss and filled our inbox with UGC!

The campaign was a great success for LAV brand and we are very excited for upcoming events in the world of football fans. Stay tuned with LAV beer, we have so much more to show!