EG Trending

No. 7

EG Trending is Executive Group’s periodical newsletter on the agency’s
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LAV and EG host the first live online meat spit-roasting in Serbia


The Labor Day holiday on May 1st is all about hot meat dishes and cold beer in Serbia. Executive Group’s (EG) digital team decided to do something special for LAV beer on this day. The basic idea for the storyline was based on one of the biggest Serbian meat dilemmas: roasted pork or roasted lamb?


MOL Serbia presented its 2016 business results and future plans


MOL Serbia, an oil and gas corporation headquartered in Budapest, organized a luncheon with the representatives of the most distinguished business and economy media mid-March, with the help of EG Event and PR teams.


Erste bank and Executive group help renters “regain” their last name again


Can you forget your own address? Apparently, you can if the place where you live in is rented and not your own, if you move from one apartment to another fairly often, if all the buildings in your new neighborhood look the same and if you don’t find any of the last names familiar on your (well, not really your) building’s intercom.

Executive Group

How many creative directors fit into one executive group?


Executive Group has two new creative directors. Even though one would be enough, both of them were necessary - because the two of them are a whole team.


Twenty-three young artists presented at the 6th egallery


The art exhibition EGallery has been organized for the sixth time at Executive Group’s (EG) office space in cooperation with Group Š.U.N.D (Šta umetnost nudi društvu). The exhibition opened on 6th of April and it will be available for viewing in the next six months.