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No. 6

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Executive Group triple IAB MIXX award winner


Integrated communications agency Executive Group and The Coca-Cola Company were the only entrants to end up as triple winners at the IAB MIXX conference, scooping the Grand Prix Serbia, the Best Brand Awareness Campaign, and the Best Social Media Campaign awards.


Tuborg and Executive Group on the lookout for young DJs


Executive Group has once again joined forces with Tuborg to create the ultimate fun project for talented young people.

Executive Group

Executive Group welcomes new creative director


Nemanja Stankovic, a renowned Belgrade author, aphorism writer and copywriter, with over 15 years of experience in marketing, is the new creative director of Executive Group, the leading integrated communications agency in Serbia and the region.

Executive Group

Erste Bank and Executive Group uncover meaning behind the number 1.95


Different numbers stand for different things. For example, 18 means adulthood, 365 signifies days in one year, 7 is a lucky number for some, 3.14 represented by the Greek letter π is a mathematical constant known to those who paid attention in math class… The list can go on and on.