EG Trending

No. 4

EG Trending is Executive Group’s periodical newsletter on the agency’s
news, projects, events and people.


IMMOFINANZ successfully opens STOP.SHOP. in Nis


How many times have you wanted to go shopping and buy everything you need in one place, without the stress and putting in extra effort?


EG gathers experts to find solution for better access to new medicines


Do patients in Serbia have access to new medicines or do they have to find ways to obtain them on their own? Is there a solution which would help secure efficient drugs for patients?


Executive Group Creates Tuborg Sound Channel


Young ravers went online, so Tuborg followed them! Warming up for good parties requires quality sound, so Tuborg went where no other Serbian brand has gone before: the MixCloud...


Philip Morris in Serbia offers scientific research grants


As much as science topics tend to be sidelined by the media, and even by the more serious media outlets, the media pick up stories dealing with science when they are well told...


EG's digital manager Milos Skokic take on 360-degree video


The first thing every brand needs to ask itself before a camera rig is installed and hitting “record” is why anyone...